Meet Our Children - Tijuana, Mexico

Responsibility is dedicated to improving the lives of the children living around the Tijuana garbage dump by providing quality education. To date, we have helped over 10,000 students.

In the early 1980’s it was common for kids to scavenge food from the dump and bring it home for dinner. Today, thanks to people like you, our students get fed proper meals and go to school instead of go to work in the garbage dumps. In fact, it is now against the law for children under the age of 14 to be in the dump.

Responsibility Student - Hassly Nizeth Hernandez Altamirano

I am four years old and the youngest in my class. I love working with numbers and toys in kindergarten. My parents work in the dump and bring me toys and clothes that they find there.

Responsibility Student - Luz Elena Reyes Delgado

I am five and in kindergarten. I love playing with my sister, Wendy. We play Hide-In-Seek. And when we get tired from that, we color.

Responsibility Student - Carlos Armando Zaragoza Estrada

I am five-years-old. I go to kindergarten and I love playing with my classmates. My mama and papa work in the new garbage dump. I have two sisters. Ana went to this school and now is in the elementary school. My other sister is a baby

Responsibility Student - Leonardo Yair Hernandez Altamirano

I am five. I live to play at school. I have two younger sisters: one is a baby and Hassly is four. She also goes to this school. My mama and papa both work in the new dump.

Responsibility Student - Gloria Belinda Lopez Garcia

I am four and I go to kindergarten. My teacher is Profe Felipe. I study a lot. I love my gym class because we play sports. I cry very little. My mama works in the dump. She is a single mother.

Responsibility Student - Karla De Los Angeles Santos Delgado

I am five. I have a brother, Jesus, and a sister, Alondra. They are both older than me. I like to play with my dolls and with my friend, Evelyn. My favorite foods are rice and spaghetti.

Only 25 of the 90 students in our schools have sponsors and all need one. Being a sponsor means that you are helping a child with his educational expenses (books, field trips, lunch, school, supplies, class celebrations, etc.) If you would like to give a child the gift that will last his/her lifetime and affect all the generations to follow him/her, please donate today!